Walsh Medical Facility

Walsh Medical Center, Mohawk Correctional Facility, Rome, NY

Square Footage: 60,000
Construction Cost: $10M

At Mohawk Correctional Facility BPA provided full architectural services for the Walsh Medical Facility, a 60,000 square foot structure to serve as a Regional Medical Center. Because a variety of prison populations use the facility, the structure and surrounding yard were designed to meet maximum secure requirements. The building consists of 6 pods each accessed from a central spine. A vehicular sally port is provided for the prison population commuting to the Walsh Center and a man access sally port entrance provides access for the Mohawk Prison population. Each of the 6 pods is designed as a secure environment for General Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, Long-Term Care and Diagnostic Clinics. In the General Medicine and Long-Term Care pods, isolation facilities were designed to serve as medical isolation and maximum secure cells, reinforced walls and interlock sally port entrances.


5 West 37th Street, Suite 1102
New York, NY 10018