Kingsboro Alcoholism Treatment Center
Kingsboro Alcoholism Treatment Center 
Brooklyn, NY 

Kingsboro Alcoholism Treatment Center

This new six story building is a prototype for inner city treatment centers for the New York State Office of Substance and Alcohol Abuse. This facility is equipped to service 125 male and female residents enrolled in the substance abuse program which also provides 25 beds for domestic abuse victims. This facility will services the Kingsboro area of Brooklyn providing treatment and counseling rooms located on the living/sleeping floors for convenient access throughout the day and into the evening, integrating the treatment program with daily living activities.
The community residence for women provides a distinct and separate facility within the building for 24 women. Dedicated dining and living areas are provided with a distinct separate entrance from the remainder of the facility. Support services for kitchen and maintenance are shared with the main building.


5 West 37th Street, Suite 1102
New York, NY 10018