Housing and Commercial

Housing Project List

100 East Main Street, Tuckahoe, NY
New design and construction for a freestanding mixed use commercial and multiple dwelling building. New building will contain approx., 21 Class A apartments and located in downtown Tuckahoe NY

21-28 Newtown Avenue, Queens, NY
New Mixed Use multiple dwelling and community facility building with an approx. construction value of $3.5 mil.

2515, 2531, 2541 And 2545 Olinville Avenue Apartments
$1.8mil., interior refurbishments, elevator modernization and exterior envelope / masonry facade restoration, parapet replacement and reroofing upgrades to (4) existing buildings with approx., 25 dwelling units in each buildings located in Bronx, NY

6033A & 6033B Huxley Avenue, Bronx, NY
Design and construction of (2) high end luxury custom residential buildings

61-37 148 Place, Queens, NY
Expansion, modernization and Interior alteration to existing residential building

75-10 Grand Central Parkway, Queens, NY
36 Unit multiple dwelling residential building undergoing selective rehabilitation and Local Law 11 facade compliance restoration and repairs

76 & 80 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY
Approx., over $4 mil., rehabilitate and conversion project to take an existing commercial building and convert it to state of the art 23 Class A multiple dwelling apartments

90th Avenue Jamaica Residences, LLC
New multiple dwelling building with 28 Class A apartments with a construction value of $5,000,000 located in Jamaica, Queens

90 Woodchuck Hollow Road, Cold Spring Harbor, NY
Addition, customization and modernization to an existing hi end residential single family home located in the beautiful Cold Spring Harbor Community

American Eagle Astoria Blvd, LLC
Design of a new 14,000 sq ft new Multiple dwelling condominium apartments located in Long Island City, NY

Arnold Avenue Apartments
Design and construction of new Quality Housing / multiple dwellings in Maspeth, NY estimated construction valued at $2.5 mil.

Avalon Gardens Nursing Home
New 400 bed, $50 mil. replacement facility

Beth Abraham Health Services
$3.5 mil, Alterations to existing 6 story building for senior living work he involved complete new roofing system installation and masonry restoration, parapet restoration and water proofing

Big A Ironworks, 3rd Street, Apartments LLC
New 20,000 sq ft $6.5 mil., luxury condo apartment complex located in Queens, NY with views of the water and the NYC skyline

Brooklyn United Methodist Church Home
Addition and interior alterations to existing Nursing home

Brookside Assisted Living Facility
$ 24 mil, new 200,000 SF senior living apartments

Buena Vida
$1.8 mil Refurbishments to existing nursing home

Central, 14th Street Residences LLC
New 14,000 sq ft, Class A, Quality housing, multiple dwellings / condominium apartments located in Queens, NY

Crawford Apartments
Design of new 40 Senior Housing apartments for independent living

Forest Hills Assisted Living
Master planning studies for new 240 bed CCRC

Fox Hills Assisted Living
Planning for a new 120,000 SF senior living apartment complex

Hallmark Nursing Center
Master Planning Relocations for over 240,000 GSF Nursing Home Facility

Intercraft Residences
New $1.4 mil., Class A multiple dwelling condominium residences in Queens, NY

Leben Care Assisted Living
200 Bed senior living comple

New York Avenue Apartments
New $1.6 mil., multiple dwelling at New York Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Otsego County Skilled Nursing Facility
$36 m. new SNF construction

Queens Center For Rehab
$ 1.4 mil, extension and interior refurbishments to existing nursing facility including new roofing system installation and masonry restoration and repairs

Sea Park Apartments, Brooklyn, NY
Masonry facade restoration / repointing and repairs to an existing 900 dwelling unit apartment complex including waterproofing of existing plazas, and reroofing all existing buildings on campus.

Serenity Assisted Living, ILU
150,000 GSF new CCRC Facility

St. Francis Healthcare Center
80 Bed existing SNF renovations

The Plant Shed W. 96th Street Luxury Condominiums
Design for a new 6 story vertical expansion to construct 6 additional floors to an existing 3 story commercial building for the creation of luxury condo’s located on 96th West Side of Manhattan, NY. Estimated construction cost of $4.5 mil.

Tinton House Supportive Housing
New 30,000 sq ft HUD202 multiple dwelling building with 50 Class A apartments units located on Tinton Avenue, Bronx, NY

Toppel Center, For The Miami Jewish Home & Hospital. Corp.
$12,000,000 new (3) story addition to existing CCRC campus.

Wartburg Lutheran, Brooklyn, NY
$4.5 mil, renovation gut renovation to construct a multiple dwelling building for senior living apartment within the existing 45,000 sq ft existing building located on Wartburg Luthern’s Brooklyn Campus

Woodmere Rehabilitation And Healthcare Center
New $35 mil, 336 bed senior living replacement facility

Private Residence

Private Residence

Bedford, NY Square Footage: 3,800 S.F. Construction Cost: Withheld [...]

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21-28 Newton Avenue

21-28 Newton Avenue

Queens, NY A new mixed use building containing residential and trade school 8,600 Square Footage each Construction Cost: $3,000,000M The project included the design development of working [...]

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6033 Huxley Avenue

6033 Huxley Avenue

Bronx, NY Two new buildings, single family homes 1,800 Square Footage each Construction Cost: $800,000 The project included the design development of working drawings for two new single fam [...]

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7680 Court Street

7680 Court Street

Brooklyn, NY Conversion of an existing mixed use building into 28 dwelling units, with existing two commercial spaces on ground. single family homes 21,500 Square Footage total Construction Cos [...]

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1032 Portion Rd

1032 Portion Road

Farmingville [...]

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